EDI in China Locally Supported by DataTrans

Ni hao EDI Partners (the extent of my Chinese),

The DataTrans team is excited to announce expanded services of local China based support!

Our first Asia office was put in place to meet the requests of our North American retail partners who needed an easy, low cost, and reliable way to connect China based suppliers.

The supply chain begins in China.   China is the manufacturer to the world.  DataTrans sees a universe of opportunity in China for connecting supplier electronically to share business data.  It opens up new challenges for translation and integration.  But in a business environment that is still dominated with manual paper processes and far reaching Internet connectivity, it is ripe to quickly show benefits in EDI connectivity.

DATA TRANS致力于为广大客户提供高质量,准时并准确的EDI以及B2B外包方案,尤其为我们的客户提供EDI代理的服务,这样我们的客户就能更好的专注于公司内部运作。


Contact info

Tel: +86 755 86289662

Email: china@datatrans-inc.com

Website: www.datatrans-inc.com

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