EDI Testing Fees One Step from the Grave

Last week SaveMart Supermarkets, a 240 store innovative regional grocery chain in Northern California, presented a case study at the VCF conference on the effectiveness of the Infoborders no-fee EDI testing platform.   The results: 300% (3x) improvement in time on moving supplier into EDI production.  Feedback from suppliers:  “I used it and it was easy and user friendly. One of the best self-testing service web I have ever used!”  “Testing with you was one of the easiest tests I’ve ever performed.  My greatest pleasure was not having to go through SPS Commerce or one of the other organizations that charge an arm and a leg.”  “With Save Mart, I was able to test at my speed (which is a get_it_done speed) and it was totally painless.  Everyone I dealt with through emails was helpful and professional.  Keep up the good work.”

Title: Utilizing new industry tools to gain efficiencies in managing suppliers  Description: Case Study: Like many growing regional grocery retailers, Save Mart needs to do more with less in order to compete with larger national retailers.  The thin margin and high volume grocery business is particularly sensitive to supply chain exceptions, errors, and costs.  Learn how Save Mart is utilizing cloud based no cost EDI testing, on-boarding, and performance management tools to cut costs, exceptions, and errors in working with its 2,000 active suppliers.  Hear about their success and what’s next for this 240 store grocery chain.